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quot  The ecological projects are no more fanciful projects of the rich; this has become an express need. If we don't do this now, large populations will have to migrate elsewhere in the next couple of decades.  quot  - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


GreenEdu's Environmental Action Projects emphasizes on direct action, which shows tangible results in a very short-time span. These projects will excite and motivate students and help lay foundation for a lasting commitment to the environment. Students will learn how to write, think critically, collaborate and solve problems creatively-skills critical for success beyond school.

Creative activities like storytelling, drama, theatre, art and craft, dance etc. are an integral part of our projects to create awareness about the environment while at the same time develop skills of students. Our action projects attempt to:

Projects will be carried out with the help of school teachers for duration of 3-4 months. On successful completion, GreenEdu will award certificate of participation to all the students.

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